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"Given the nutritional qualities of açaí and its great acceptance in the cafeterias and restaurants segment, we believe that FAST AÇAÍ meet the growing market demand for tasty food, healthy, fast and practical."

(Pedro Lima, Fast Acai Co-founder).

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We are already more than 130 franchises in Brazil

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Healthy food segment is identified as trend and it has experienced a great rise in Brazil and worldwide. According to a survey by Euromonitor, it is expected that the industry will grow over 50% by 2019.


Açaí has left the northern region of Brazil to the world! Today the product that became very popular in Brazil is consumed from Asia to Europe and the US market is already the 2nd largest in the world. Since 2011, Acai production has grown 73% with the rise of its demand in the world.


Besides Açaí, Fast Acai offers a diverse mix of natural products such as delicious Cupuassu Bowls, with a wide variety of toppings and nutritious sandwiches & wraps.

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Benefits of franchising

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Fast Açaí

Franchise benefits:

  • Brand with strong engagement on life quality;
  • Product with global marketing introduction;
  • Member of the Brazilian Franchising Association; American Chamber of Commerce
  • Unique production processes and safe;
  • Diversified business models;
  • Press native amazonian matter;
  • Mix of varied products;
  • Market ascension.

Advice to the Franchisee

  • Modern architectural design with standardized visual identity;
  • Products produced and distributed to the franchisee directly;
  • Training franchisees and employees;
  • Marketing, publicity and promotion;
  • Assistance and continuous assistance;
  • Computerized systems;
  • Field Consultancies;
  • Operating manuals.
Totally natural
  • Acai is an excellent replenishing energy.
  • Habits of healthy consumption..
  • Differentiated and inspiring mix.


Businessman | Goiânia

"It is very valuable assistance we have received to develop this business. Whenever we need, the board of Fast Acai is always asked to clarify our doubts, unlike other franchises that have difficulty in gaining access. I am very pleased with the relationship established and the products."

Alessandro Thomaz

Businessman | Goiânia

"The Fast Acai is an excellent choice for business, four factors have influenced my choice are: low cost of installation compared to other existing franchises in the market, ease of operation, product mix focused on healthy eating segment and good margin of profit. "

Ana Paula Soares

Businesswoman | Cuiaba

"Every customer who experiences the product comes back because he/she likes a lot of açaí, cupuaçu, wraps and sandwiches. less than a month, I'm already satisfied with, the expected profitability of the franchise. I strongly believe in Fast Acai brand."

Brunna Suassuna

Businesswoman | Goiânia

"The ease of operation and product quality were the points that attracted me in Fast Acai, 30 days after signing the contract at the store which I was working, my expectations for the first few months were overwhelmed. The quality of açaí is indisputable making customers become loyal. "

Fast Acai

A brand that evolves every day


Fast Acai is present in several Brazilian states

More than 130 units in America

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History of
Fast Acai

Fast Acai has the mission to bring people quality of life and wellness through healthy, practical and dynamic dining. We are a team with over 17 years working experience in this food market, the healthiness.

Besides Açaí and Cupuassu bowls with a wide variety of toppings, the company's menu also offers original Wrap&Sandwuiches recipes. Natural, the Fast Acai products are allies of fit and healthy way of living.